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Game 94% Answers Level 1:
Things You Find In A Pencil Case?
– Pencil, Pen, Eraser, Crayons, Ruler, Sharpener, Marker.
Fruits With Seeds Or Pits?
– Apple, Orange, Peach, Watermelon, Cherry, Plum, Pear, Apricot, Raisin, Cherry, Fishing, Melon, Orange, Lemon, Prune, Watermelon.
Picture Keywords (Firefighter trucks)?
– Fire, Water, Hose, Fireman, Truck, Firefighter, Lance

94% Answers Level 2:
First Thing You Do In The Morning:
– Breakfast, Get Dressed, Brush Teeth, Alarm, Wash, Toilet, Stretch, Check Phone, Lunch, Shower, Dressing
Something That Requires A Ticket?
– Movie, Concert, Train, Bus, Plane, Parking, Game, Metro, Cinema, Avion.
Picture Keywords (Chalk At Board)?
– Chalk, Colors, School, Board, Draw, Kid, Slate, Drawing, Children.

94% Answers Level 3:
Job You Wanted To Do When You Were A Kid:
– Doctor, Teacher, Police Officer, Veterinarian, Singer, Firefighter, Actor, Astronaut, Pilot
It’S Round:
– Ball, Circle, Earth, Orange, Sun, Head, Moon.
Picture Keywords (Onion):
– Onion, Pepper, Healthy, Cry, Cooking.

94% Answers Level 4:
Adjectives To Describe Height?
– Giant, Tiny, Huge, Short, Small, Tall.
Things You See In The Sky?
– Planes, Stars, Sun, Clouds, Birds, Moon.
Picture Keywords (Student Raise Hand):
– School, Hand, Teacher, Answer, Student.

94% Answers Level 5:
Things That Go Around?
– Earth, Merry Go Round, Wheel, Ball, Roundabout, Clock.
String Instruments?
– Violin, Guitar, Cello, Harp, Bass, Piano.
Picture Keywords (Hand shake picture):
– Handshake, Deal, Business, Meeting.

94% Answers Level 6:
It Grows Quickly:
– Plant, People, Hair, Nails, Mold.
Exotic Fruit:
– Pineapple, Kiwi, Mango, Star Fruit, Banana, Papaya, Dragon Fruit, Coconut, Guava, Passion Fruit.
Picture Keywords (French Fries):
– Fries, Fast Food, Salt, Fat, Potato.

94% Answers Level 7:
It’s Yellow:
– Banana, Sun, Flower, Duck, Lemon, Tennis Ball, Bee, Corn.
Words Used By The Weatherman:
– Rain, Sun, Cloud, Hot, Storm, Cold, Wind, Temperature.
Picture Keywords:
– Alarm, Late, Time, Wake Up, Bed.

94% Answers Level 8:
I Wish My Boyfriend/Girlfriend was more…?
– Loving, Funny, Outgoing, Understanding, Sexy, Romantic, Intelligent, Happy, Honest.
Herbivorous Animals?
– Cow, Horse, Giraffe, Deer, Sheep, Goa,t Elephant, Panda, Rabbit.
Picture keywords (Elephant)?
– Elephant, Mud, Family, Water, Africa, Trunk, Wild.

94% Answers Level 9:
Things you can dilute?
– Juice, Water, Bleach, alcohol, Salt, Coffee, acid, Sugar.
Las Vegas?
– Gambling, Casino, Money, Lights, Nevada, Desert, Fun.
Picture keywords (Suitcase & sign at beach picture):
– Vacation, Beach, Suitcase, Sign, Blue, Sun.

94% Answers Level 10:
It’s Sweet?
– Fruit, Ice, Cream, Candy, Cake, Soda, Chocolate, Sugar, Honey.
Things Associated with Brazil?
– Soccer, Beach, Rio, Carnival, Hot, Dancing, Women.
Picture keywords (Massage):
– Relax, Spa, Massage, Lotion.

94% Answers Level 11:
Something Everyone Has Played?
– Video Games, Sports, Board Games, Cars, Tag, Hide And Seek.
Parts Of A Car?
– Tire, Engine, Door, Steering Wheel, Window, Bonnet, Boot, Bumper, Brakes.
Picture Keywords (Glass of red wine):
– Wine, Red, Glass, Drink, Pour, Alcohol.

94% Answers Level 12:
Children Love It?
– Toys, Candy, Games, Ice, Cream, Animals, Parents.
Countries involved in WWII?
– Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, United States, Soviet Union, Italy, France.
Picture keywords:
– Stress, Work, Frustration, Anger.

94% Answers Level 13:
It’S Red?
– Blood, Apple, Tomato, Fire Truck, Stop, Strawberry, Pepper, Rose.
It Makes You Laugh?
– Joke, Comedian, Friend, Clown, Tickle, People Falling.
Picture Keywords (Pasta Macaroni):
– Pasta, Tomato, Cheese, Italian, Fork.

94% Answers Level 14:
It Weighs Over a Ton?
– Building, Plane, Elephant, Car, Whale, Hippopotamus, Boat.
Make Up?
– Powder, Lipstick, Mascara, Eye, Shadow, Foundation, Eye, Liner.
Picture keywords (Pizza):
– Yummy, Olive, Pizza, Cheese, Pepperoni, Italian.

94% Answers Level 15:
It Gets Dirty Quickly?
– Shoes, Laundry, House, Car, Hands, Kids, Dishes.
It’s Soft?
– Pillow, Hair, Blanket, Cotton, Teddy Bear, Cloud, Feather.
Picture Keywords (A cup of coffee):
– Coffee, Mug, Tea, Morning.

94% Answers Level 16:
A Dangerous Job?
– Police, Firefighter, Army, Construction, Miner, Pilot, Lion Tamer, Stuntman, Electrician.
It Makes You Happy?
– Food, Family, Love, Animals, Friends, Sun, Money, Music, Sports.
Picture Keywords (Cheetah):
– Cheetah, Fast, Spots, Wild, Africa.

94% Answers Level 17:
It’s Itchy?
– Rash, Bug Bite, Wool, Clothes, Chicken Pox, Lice.
DIY Tools?
– Hammer, Saw, Drill, Screwdriver, Nail, Wrench, Glue.
Picture Keywords (Formula Car):
– Formula , Race, Fast, Driver, Track.

94% Answers Level 18:
Animals hatched from eggs?
– Bird, Turtle, Snake, Fish, Crocodile, Platypus.
James Bond?
– Sexy, 007, Action, Spy, Girls, Car, Suit, Movie, Gun.
Picture keywords (Chalkboard):
– School, Math, Chalk, Board, Einstein, Hard.

94% Answers Level 19:
Percussion Instruments?
– Drum, Cymbal, Triangle, Xylophone, Maraca.
– Money, Vault, Teller, Card, Robber, Loan, Account, Atm.
Picture Keywords:
– Art, Picture, Museum, Painting, Gallery, Woman.

94% Answers Level 20:
Objects That Have A Screen?
– Phone, Computer, Television, Tablet, Gps.
Tools Used For Gardening?
– Shovel, Hoe, Rake, Fork, Shears, Watering Can, Lawn Mower, Spade, Pruning Shears, Lawn, Bucket.
Picture Keywords (Man Snoring):
– Snoring, Loud, Sleep, Annoying, Bed, Tired

94% Answers Level 21:
Sounds Animals Make?
– Woof, Moo, Meow, Baa, Oink.
It’s Good Cooked but not Raw?
– Vegetables, Rice, Pasta, Eggs, Meat, Fish.
Picture keywords (Bee):
– Bee, Pollen, Flower, Honey, Purple, Spring.

94% Answers Level 22:
Types Of Music?
– Rock, Pop, Rap, Country, Jazz, Classical, Dance, Reggae.
Things Used By A Police Officer?
– Gun, Handcuffs, Car, Baton, Taser, Badge, Flashlight, Radio.
Picture Keywords (Notebook and mouse at the table):
– Laptop, Glasses, Work, Office, Mouse

94% Answers Level 23:
It Produces Heat?
– Oven, Sun, Fire, Heater, Lamp, Body.
Something You Can No Longer Live Without?
– Food, Phone, Water, Family, Love, Air, Internet, Friends.
Picture Keywords:
– Warm, Winter, Coffee, Tea, Cup.

94% Answers Level 24:
It’s Useful For The Elderly?
– Cane, Wheelchair, Glasses, Love, Hearing Aid, Dentures, Medicine.
Noise Heard In A City?
– Cars, People, Sirens, Trains, Barking, Construction, Music.
Picture Keywords:
– Jellyfish, Ocean, Sting, Orange, Tentacles.

94% Answers Level 25:
Something found in the living room?
– Sofa, Table, TV, Lamp, Carpet.
Payment Methods?
– Credit, Card, Check, PayPal, Cash, Wire.
Picture keywords (Picnic):
– Family, Fun, Food, Friends, Picnic.

94% Answers Level 26:
Countries in South America?
– Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay.
It’s Slow?
– Turtle, Traffic, Computer, Snail, Sloth.
Picture keywords (Logs):
– Wood, Tree, Log, Deforestation, Forest, Fog.

94% Answers Level 27:
Green Vegetables?
– Peas, Beans, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cucumber, Spinach, Peppers, Asparagus, Cabbage.
It’s Forbidden on a Plane?
– Shouting, Weapons, Smoking, Lighter.
Picture keywords (VolksWagen, Van at beach):
– Van, Vacation, Summer, Beach, Hippie, Palm, Trees.

94% Answers Level 28:
Parts of an airplane?
– Wing, Engine, Cockpit, Tail, Landing Gear, Seats, Nose, Window.
Something you do before you go to bed?
– Brush, Teeth, Shower, Pajamas, Pee, TV, Brush, Hair, Read.
Picture keywords (Cactus):
– Cactus, Desert, Hot, Dry, Mountain.

94% Answers Level 29:
It Smells Good?
– Food, Perfume, Flower, Soap, Candle, Clean Laundry
– Friends, Photos, Social, Status, Messenger, Like, Blue, Share, Wall.
Picture Keywords (Old Records):
– Record, Music, Old, Needle, Player, Spin.

94% Answers Level 30:
– Tent, Fire, Marshmallows, Outdoors, Sleeping Bag, Family , Friends.
It Makes You Feel Better When You Are Sick?
– Medicine, Sleep, Soup, Love, Drink, Warmth.
Picture Keywords (Jesus statue):
– Jesus, Rio, Statue, Brazil.

94% Answers Level 31:
A Good Place To Party?
– House, Club, Beach, Bar, Pool, Park.
– Teeth, Pain, Filling, Drill, Clean, Braces, Chair.
Picture Keywords (Child With Airplane Toy):
– Plane, Sky, Dream, Child, Fly.

94% Answers Level 32:
People Collect Them?
– Coins, Stamps, Cards, Books, Cars, Rocks, Dolls.
Pregnant Woman?
– Baby, Parent, Belly, Birth, Craving, Hormonal, Glowing.
Picture keywords (Pills):
– Medicine, Sick, Pain, Doctor.

94% Answers Level 33:
Equipment Used By Indiana Jones?
– Whip, Hat, Gun, Knife, Bag, Boots, Torch, Map.
It Brings Bad Luck?
– Black Cat, Ladder, Mirror, Umbrella, Salt, Friday 13Th.
Picture Keywords (Matches Burn):
– Fire, Match, Burn, Flame, Hot.

94% Answers Level 34:
– Directions, Car, Map, Travel, Navigation, Satellite, Lost.
– Whiskers, Purr, Meow, Fur, Mouse, Dog, Kitten, Claws.
Picture keywords (Eggs):
– Brown, Egg, Chicken, Three, Breakfast, Shell, Oval.

94% Answers Level 35:
– Addition, Subtraction, Algebra, Multiplication, Division, Hard, Numbers, School.
– Popcorn, Cinema, Comedy, Action, Horror, Actor, Film.
Picture keywords (Mexican Hat):
– Hat, Mexico, Gold, Fiesta, Sun.

94% Answers Level 36:
Something You Use Every Day?
– Toilet, Car, Clothes, Water, Bed, Brush, Hair, Computer.
Wind Instruments?
– Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Saxophone, Oboe, Trombone, Tuba, Harmonica.
Picture Keywords (Factory)?
– Factory, Fire, Pollution, Industrial, Power, Plant, Oil.

94% Answers Level 37:
Something Used For Cooking?
– Pan, Oven, Pot, Spoon, Spatula, Stove, Knife, Bowl.
– Necklace, Ring, Bracelet, Earrings, Diamond, Watch.
Picture Keywords (Bulls And Land Rover Picture):
– Animals, Safari, Car, Africa, Bull, Herd.

94% Answers Level 38:
You Can’t Buy It?
– Love, Happiness, Health, Friendship, Family, Time.
Species Of Fish?
– Salmon, Bass, Trout, Clown, Catfish, Tuna, Goldfish, Cod, Shark, Flounder.
Picture Keywords (Kids With Binoculars):
– Safari, Binoculars, Children, Exploring, Africa, Bird, Watching.

94% Answers Level 39:
– Cards, Money, Gambling, Chips, Aces, Face, Game, Bluff, Table.
It’S Good For You, But You Don’T Like It?
– Vegetables, Exercise, Water, Fruit, Medicine, Work.
Picture Keywords (Beehive):
– Honey, Bee, Hive, Honeycomb.

94% Answers Level 40:
You Eat With Bread?
– Butter, Jam, Soup, Cheese, Peanut,-Butter, Meat.
Something You Do While On The Phone?
– Talk, Text, Games, Facebook, Walk, Eat, Music.
Picture Keywords (Japan House & Lake):
– Asia Peace Beautiful Water Temple

94% Answers Level 41:
San Francisco:
– Golden Gate Bridge, California, 49ers, Hills, Bay, Alcatraz
Girls’ names ending in A:
– Anna, Amanda, Emma, Alyssa, Andrea, Maria, Jessica
Picture Keywords (cart in supermarket):
– Cart, Food, Shopping, Supermarket, Aisle

94% Answers Level 42:
Things you wear around your neck:
– Necklace, Scarf, Tie, Collar, Lanyard
– Love, Two, Relationship, Together, Married, Kiss
Picture Keywords (Wood log and axe):
– Wood, Axe, Chop, Snow, Fire

94% Answers Level 43:
– Cheese, Cat, Small, Computer, Trap, Rat, Squeak, Tail
A change of…:
– Clothes, Mind, Heart, Time, Pace, Scenery, Weather
flour, egg and butter picture:
– Egg, Butter, Flour, Baking, Rolling pin, Cookie cutter

94% Answers Level 44:
It’s difficult to say:
– Love, Sorry, Goodbye, Truth, Break up
– Diaper, Cry, Cute, Bottle, Small, Love, Milk, Pacifier
Picture Keywords (Donut):
– Doughnuts, Sprinkles, Colors, Icing, Sweet

94% Answers Level 45:
– Lizard, Snake, Crocodile, Turtle
Something you never have enough time to do:
– Sleep, Homework, Clean, Relax, Exercise, Eat, Read
Picture Keywords (Moon):
– Moon, Night, Dark, Crescent, Sky

94% Answers Level 46:
Something found in a castle:
– King, Princess, Knight, Throne, Crown, Dungeon, Sword, Armor, Chair.
Star Wars:
– Luke, Darth Vader, Yoda, Light saber, Space, Jedi, R2D2, The force, Skywalker
Picture Keywords (Dolphin in pool):
– Pool, Dolphin, Water, Float, Summer, Blue

94% Answers Level 47:
Harry Potter:
– Wizard, Magic, Wand, Scar, Hogwarts, Ron, Hermione, Glasses
Pizza toppings:
– Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, Pineapple, sausage, Olives, Mushrooms, Tomato
Sea underwater picture:
– Coral, Fish, Ocean, Sun

94% Answers Level 48:
A pair of…:
– Shoes, Socks, Pants, Glasses, Gloves, Earrings, Eyes, Scissors
Picture Keywords (Chocolate):
– Yummy, Candy, Sweet, Cake, Milk, Brown, Dark, Easter
People crossing street:
– Busy, People, City, Road, Crossing, Car

94% Answers Level 49:
Things associated with Egypt:
– Pyramids, Sand, Mummies, Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Sphinx, Nile
Marine animals:
– Fish, Dolphin, Whale, Seal, Turtle, Jellyfish
Picture Keywords (Feet in a water picture):
– Feet, Fish, Water, Pedicure, Skin, Spa, Toes

94% Answers Level 50:
– Mom, Dad, Love, Strict, Children, Caring, Family
– Bark, Fur, Pet, Cute, Cat, Tail, Puppy, Bone
Picture Keywords (Toucan bird picture):
– Toucan, Bird, Colorful, Tree, Beak, Tropical

94% Answers Level 51:
– Pork, Mud, Pink, Oink, Tail, Farm
– Ring, Wedding, Love, Husband, Wife, Dress, Happy, Forever
Picture Keywords:
– Hammer, Nail, Hurt, Finger, Bandage

94% Answers Level 52:
– Candy, Chocolate, Cake, Ice cream, Cookies, Sugar
Types of rodents:
– Rat, Mouse, Hamster, Squirrel, Guinea pig
Pink ice cream cone picture:
– Strawberry, Ice cream, Cone, Pink, Yummy, Summer

94% Answers Level 53:
– Games, Controller, Sony, Console
Words that end with Z:
– Buzz, Jazz, Fizz, Fuzz, Pizzazz, Quiz, Showbiz
Picture Keywords:
– Dice, Numbers, Game, White, Black

94% Answers Level 54:
– Snow, Cold, Skis, Mountain, Slope, Poles
Types of dogs:
– Labrador, Poodle, Pug, German Shepherd, Bulldog, Husky, Dalmatian, Pit bull
Picture Keywords:
– Wires, Electricity, Voltage, Electrician, Power, Plug

94% Answers Level 55:
Something you often lose:
– Phone, Keys, Wallet, Mind, Glasses, Remote, Socks, Time
Objects that have buttons:
– Shirt, Remote, Phone, Pants, Computer, Microwave, Elevator
Picture Keywords:
– Spray Paint, Car, Man, Mask, White, Suit


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